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When to bug out

Friday, August 5th, 2011

So this post is on the fly today, but I want to make sure I get it out there with all the fun in the world right now.   So let me ask you a question.  As an apartment dweller, it is not IF you will bug out, but WHEN.  Most preps we should be doing is for the short term, and as I have said in the past, if it is going to be long term, then we should be ready with a community to be a part of.  But how do we know when is the right time to bug out?  I would propose that the answer is not as obvious as many would think.  Under some situations, you are going to want to hunker down, as the streets will not be save.  Indeed, I would say that you bug out either really early, jumping the gun, which most of us will miss while we hope it is only a scare, or wait until things have settled a bit.  Choosing to move right after the event is obvious, there is going to be a problem, and it will include you in the golden horde, and make you more vulnerable.  Better to sit down the first few days, and let things run their coarse.  So be it financial disaster, when the golden hordes are running, then be prepared to hold out.

Again though, as with everything, every situation is different.  Say there is a earth quake, then you should be good to bug out right away.  All I am saying is be careful when you decide to bug out.  Sometimes it is best to sit tight, and wait.