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Storing medications

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Hello anyone.  There is so much out there today, that there is little that is new and useful, so you don’t see much of me, which would only add to the noise.  And I don’t suppose anyone is keeping up with my minor posts anymore, but I did say if I had something to add, something new, I would post it.  Well, I have something new.  If anyone cares to read (Please note, I am only speaking of my personal experience, seek a Dr.’s input for all things medical);

There is lots out there on storing drugs, antibiotics, fish drugs, and more.  But I have seen precious little on practical application.  So I wanted to share my experience.  Through the waves of life I have had some Percocet from past illnesses, and as I never throw anything away, it stayed in my medicine cabinet for a while.  And it also so happened that through my preparing, that I put some in the freezer as well.  So one day I was playing sports, and hurt myself quite badly, nothing in the way that Dr’s could do, but it included much pain.  So I went to my medicine cabinet, and tried out some of my stored pain killers.  I found that even taking 2 pills at 3 years old, it didnt work very well.  It took about 2-3 hours to start working, and it wasn’t as strong.  The pain was still intense, so after waiting the prescribed period of time, which was not easy, I tried some of my stuff from the freezer.  It worked MUCH better, almost as good as store bought (that I got later after the weekend, when I broke down to get an xray).

So the moral of my story I guess is that if you are going to be storing your medications, it is best to do it in cold storage.  From experience, after 3 years, there is a noticeable difference.